2.0.1 alpha 48

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2.0.1 alpha 48

Post by Patchman »

Hi all,

here's the latest alpha: http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

This time I had some time to work on PBS a bit more. It's getting ever
closer to working 100%. To make it a bit more customizable, it's now a
bit switch, see the manual page for more details. As a consequence, I've
removed the "noautopbsblocks" miscmods settings since it's been absorbed
into the pathbasedsignalling switch proper.

In addition, I've modified the gamespeed switch a little. It now
displays the current speed setting in the statusbar to the right (if
faster) or left (if slower) of the date. The fastest setting is now
much, much faster in fullscreen, running the game at the maximum speed
your CPU can cope with.

I've also added a new sign cheat, "Cht: DeleteVehs" that removes from the
game all of your vehicles on the tile where you place the cheat.
Sometimes vehicles get stuck badly and can't be removed, this sign cheat
is a last resort to fix that situation by simply removing all vehicles on
that tile from the game.

Finally, Mek has again surpassed himself and made diagonal rails
draggable, so that you can now build those pesky stretches with just a
simple drag of the mouse. He also added some new miscmods settings that
fixed a limitation in TTD that required industries to be close to the
station *sign* to deliver cargo to the industry, as well as completely
disabling messages about vehicles getting old.

Have fun!


Changes in 2.0.1 alpha 48:
- action D can now access patch switch parameters through GRFID
- added bitwise AND and OR to action D ops
- fixed another bug with trains not being able to reverse
- made final gamespeed setting much faster in fullscreen display
- game speed setting is now displayed in statusbar date area
- Cht: DeleteVehs to delete all vehicles on a tile (whole train
- fixed with PBS on custom bridge heads not working right
- fixed bug with trains sometimes taking very roundabout routes in
PBS blocks
- added forgotten signal wait times back to verbose switch display
- now non-junction tiles will be shown darker too in PBS blocks
- PBS is now a bit switch, to select various settings
- added veh var 44 that gives aircraft height above ground and
airport type
- fixed bug with tunnels sometimes preventing trains from passing
PBS signal
- by Mek:
* NS and EW rails are now also draggable
* fixed the incorrect display of coloured texts in drop downs
* added some miscmods switches, one to increase the maximum
distance between station-sign and industry for cargo accepted
at the station to appear at the industry, and one to disable
the vehicle is getting old news-messages

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Re: 2.0.1 alpha 48

Post by Giq »

Damn, better the TTDPatch is, less time I have to play TTD .... Grrrr!

Finally, Mek has again surpassed himself and made diagonal rails
draggable, so that you can now build those pesky stretches with just a
simple drag of the mouse.
IMHO this is the most significant and important improvement to the gameplay
since.... hmmm... ever :D (umless there will be diagonal bridges available

Last few alphas were released very often. You've done a lot of good work.
Can't wait for 2.0.1a49 :)


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