2.0.1 alpha 32

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2.0.1 alpha 32

Post by Patchman »

Hi all,

I'm back! Well, I'm there, really, seeing as I've moved to a new city.
I'm all settled in now and started working on the patch again. You'll
find the new version as usual at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

I'm not the only one who's back either, Csaba has contributed two new
features, together with a number of bugfixes. The first feature
("mousewheel on") adds mouse wheel support to the Windows version of TTD.
Scrolling the wheel either zooms in or out, or scrolls lists of any open
windows if there are any. For more details see the manual entry at
http://wiki.ttdpatch.net/tiki-index.php?page=MouseWheel .

Csaba also wrote another new feature that allows opening more in-game
windows at the same time. TTD normally allows 7 regular windows open,
with "morewindows #" you can set the number of open windows allowed.
Note that three windows are always open (namely the toolbar, the main
view and the status bar), so that you can open three windows less than
what you specify for the switch.

Apart from this, most changes are bug fixes. See below for the full

Now have fun, and I'm sorry to have kept you waiting with crashes, hangs
and various other nastiness while I was moving,


All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 32:
- fix planes getting wrong passenger capacity when refitting
- fixed bug with road vehicle/ship refitting to same cargo costing
- new action 2 variable for current player and whether is AI or
- fixed crash in Windows version when selling remaining head of
dualheaded engine with fastwagonsell on
- by Csaba:
* fixed manualconvert bug not changing both ends of a tunnel
* new switch "mousewheel on/#" (-Yl #) adds support for mouse
wheel in the Windows version
* new switch "morewindows on" (-YW) allows opening more windows
in the game at the same time
* fixes a crash if the current currency is Euro, but Euros are
* changed enhanced GUI settings window, the texts can be
localized now and the right mouse button no longer does the
same thing as the left button
- fixed crash when looking at top corner of map with morevehicles
and canals on
- new train prop 24 sets high byte of weight to allow > 255 ton
- fixed hang when choosing new station class whose stations are all
- query tool now shows names of station and its class, if available

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Re: 2.0.1 alpha 33

Post by Patchman »

Hi all,

Just a quick bug fix for a few relatively major bugs in alpha 32, now
available at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

Also, you can now build regular water (not canals) at sealevel again, by
holding Ctrl when building canals. This does not work at higher

More or less experimentally, I've changed the display of vehicle status
in the vehicle list. When an old vehicle is in the depot, its colour is
now purple (for red+blue). Also, stopped vehicles not in a depot are
shown in a white colour, or gray if they're old. Finally, stopped
vehicles will not generate messages that they're lost or getting old.

To help fix savegames corrupted by the earlier alpha's buggie articulated
engines feature, a new sign cheat, "Cht: FindLostWagons" allows you to
make "lost" wagons visible again, i.e. those invisible wagons in a depot
that prevent you from destroying the depot.

Have fun,

All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 33:
- fixed canals having dikes in the wrong places
- fixed road vehicle refit capacity callback being called with old
cargo type
- building sealevel canal with Ctrl key actually places regular
- fixed incorrect mousewheel switch range being written to
- stopped vehicles no longer generate "getting old" or "lost"
- vehicle list now shows old vehicles in depot in purple, and
stopped vehicles in white, or gray if they're old
- Cht: FindLostWagons can recover "invisible" wagons in a depot
- fixed hang or corruption of status bar when choosing new station

Josef Drexler | http://publish.uwo.ca/~jdrexler/
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