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Server - Client Interaction

Posted: 07 Dec 2006 18:02
by aarona
What should the client know?
How often should it be updated?
What should be sent to and from the server/client.

Sounds simple in practice you have to think about things like
- If the client knows it, the player could hack the game and know it too (don't laugh...)
- Not too much data should be sent. Think of the bandwidth.

I don't know the answer to this yet.


Posted: 07 Dec 2006 18:28
by Hyronymus
This was discussed before and Hellfire even made a demo. Allow me some time to link to that topic.

EDIT: Networking. (YAS)

Possible good additional resources:

Posted: 07 Dec 2006 18:32
by aarona
I remember that demo. I also remember not being totally convinced.

Posted: 07 Dec 2006 18:42
by Hyronymus
Please see my edited post.

Posted: 07 Dec 2006 19:12
by aarona

All of those topics ended at the exact same place as where I did in my thinking. As typical they ended without any decisions having been made.

Here are my thoughts on one of the posts (which wasn't responded to)

Asynchronous updates
This seems to be talking moreso about terrain changes and the like. (I guess the deltas simply need to be sent and is classified as "static".)

This may sound stupid but what about a CVS style update. Only update when you come back to something and there is something to update because the version numbers are different. You would only need to look for those which have version numbers greater than the last update.

If no one has anything else to add then should we get rid of this thread?
I get the feeling that whoever takes on this project will have to make the decision themselves and see how it goes?