[REL] Scenery Pack

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[REL] Scenery Pack

Post by DJC »

Hi all. Recently I have got back into playing Locomotion, partly inspired by seeing Open Loco is now in development. While playing with that I noticed they have enabled the landscape modifying tools from the scenario editor to you in game, so I can change the type of land while I'm playing. So I decided to experiment with creating some land and cliff types using the graphics that already exist in the game. See the picture for the results below. In particular I think the brick walls can make the towns & cities look much better than they do with cliff faces. Also if your railway is on raised land or in a cutting the bricks look good as retaining walls.

If any one finds any issues please let me know, I have played a bit with them in my games so far and they work fine.
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Re: [REL] Scenery Pack

Post by Zakos »

Always good to see an old face! Also, this looks lovely.
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Re: [REL] Scenery Pack

Post by griffinrails »

I have also risen from the dead to look at this.
This is FANTASTIC! I love misc stuff like this! I'd love to see more!
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