Problem installing BRsetv5full using windows 10

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Problem installing BRsetv5full using windows 10

Post by Rufio73 »

Hi All,

I have been enjoying locomotion for many years and was able to download the brset mod when i originally used windows XP.
But since I have replaced my P.C to windows 10 i have been having problems making the BRset work.

Can anyone advise how to install the set mod onto locomotion with windows 10, and give me step by step instructions on where the file is supposed to locate to.

A link to a working BRsetfull that will work will be fab also.

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Problem installing BRsetv5full using windows 10

Post by Nordic Dragon »

Appreciate this is a albeit minor dig but seeing as no one has replied:

Current download location of the BR set is here.

Secondly, are you using the Steam or disk version of Locomotion?
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