How to use mapgen

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How to use mapgen

Post by pluey200 »

How do I get bmp files into the generator to make sc5 files?

The generator in question is at

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Re: How to use mapgen

Post by Owen-Alexander »

Hi there, In the past people used SCRACC (A SimCity terrain and region creator), but in recent years that has been hard to find online. One program that I found that works wonders is HME (Height Map Editor) found here and a good example is this map (created by me using HME).

If your interested, I made a small chart that denotes the locomotion height values in HME and attach it later. I found it useful when making my maps the past.

EDIT: I must misread the question, your asking how to put the bmp in to mapgen. Simply run mapgen, it will ask you for a bmp file, then direct it to a folder with the bmp, follow the prompts and hey presto, your landscape is done.

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