[REL] Windmill as a city-building

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[REL] Windmill as a city-building

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Same as with my other industry-like citybuildings, I now also converted the Flourmill. It produces Food and Mail, and accepts Grain and Mail. It's animated and can be build by the city, but I reduced it's percentage so your city will not be crowded with windmills. It can however also be destroyed by the city, the player and the AI-players. I also release one wich can't be destroyed as well, because there are players who will probably prefer that as well.

Anyway, this is another industry-slot free for other needs...

I also included both Flourmills in the updated version of the Food-Mod, but not everybody want's that mod, so here it is as a single download-file.

Have fun with it !



Here's a screenshot:

The first download (this one can be build by the city, and destroyed by the city, player and AI-players):
(145.81 KiB) Downloaded 265 times
The second download (this one is indestructable, marked ID in the buildings name):
(145.84 KiB) Downloaded 262 times
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