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Re: More extensive food cycle

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 13:58
by Predador
It's good idea Emperor !!! This mod will be perfect equal to VM !!!

Re: More extensive food cycle

Posted: 27 Aug 2013 20:56
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Thnxsss ! I was already testing this mod together with the valuables mod all in one game and it worked out pretty well. As I have little time at the moment to work on the mod and have a pretty busy private life this mod is on-hold for now...

When I have a little more time I will complete the mod and release it to the public.

Re: More extensive food cycle

Posted: 04 Feb 2014 23:26
by Emperor Darth Sidious
The time has come...I have a little more spare-time to start working on this mod again and to finish it. I completely edited the first post with new information and ideas from the previous posts in this topic. I don't know as of yet when this will be released or when it's finished, but I'm working on it, and I won't stop working on it until it is released...

So be patient and I keep you people posted about the progress that I have made...



Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 19:35
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Going to test-play the mod on the Peninsular Map are the first screens !

The first screenshot...I took the maximum loan and started with the wood in the forests.

The wood is delivered at the Sleepstone papermill, waste and paper is produced here out of timber or wool...

Soon after I build a third station-platform and a new train for the transport of waste, wich is delivered at the recycling facility...

Here's the waste facility. The left one is the waste-facility where paper and steel is produced out of waste, the right one is the regular steel mill.

After 2 years gametime my entire loan was paid of with 4 trains in use.

Now I'm going to start with the transport of oil the the chemical-facility. Furtilizer and Chemicals are being produced out of the oil. I need the furtilizer for the farms were the production of grain and grapes will start only if furtilizer is delivered there...More screens are coming up as the progress goes, for now this is the start of this testing.

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 20:57
by Emperor Darth Sidious
I talked to Greyfox today, since he's one of the testplayers for the mod. He said that the game went a little slow (the speed of the trains that is) and I told him that the game starts in 1945, just after the war. The wagons behind the trains only have a top speed of 50 mph in those days and the first faster wagons can be build in 1955. That gives the player some time to start up the game with the timber and oil like I did...

After all, the scenario isn't that hard (must reach 95% and no time-limit) but with this scenario you must first earn enough money to build the railroad-tracks to the other side of the map. It's also nice that you can run faster trains by the time that you will be able to do so. After the oil-transport is up and running, fertilizer is produced at the chemical-works. Then the food-challenge realy starts because then (once delivered to the grain and grapes farms) the production starts. Once you have delivered the grain and grapes to the brewery forage get's produced there and then you can deliver the forage to the livestock and sheep farms to start their production as well. Once the delivery of forage at these farms is done, livestock, sheep, milk and wool get's produced wich you can deliver at the food processing factory (and other industry) and in the towns. So you must come from a long way before you actually can start the production of food, drinks, milk and meat in the city-areas and that takes patience, time and planning...The way I see it, it's perfect for a nice challenge !

I'm not going to post each and every screenshot of one single station, and then later the same station with three platforms but here are some new screens of what I did today:

The transport of oil has started, trains are still only moving at 50 mph, but at least chemicals and furtilizer are being produced. Of course I started with only one train on one track, but after I made some money I was able to let four trains make their way to the chemical-works.

Here's the chemical-works, the produced chemicals are (together with the steel produced out of waste at the waste rycycling facility) being delivered at the Food-Mod Factory. The station on the right is where the chemicals are picked up. The station that hasn't been build yet on the bottom is going to be used for the furtilizer. Which will be delivered at the grain and grapes farms on the other side of the map. But I first need more money and faster trains.

After the trains have picked up chemicals from the chemical-works, they head to the steel-mill to load some steel. Then they are on there way to the main-food-station.

At this point no wool is being delivered or produced here, so the trains with chemicals and steel make a drive-through here until this is produced here so they can pick it up. The Food-Mod factroy needs chemicals, steel and wool to produce goods and clothing. Now only steel and chemicals are being delivered there, but I sure can use the money that I get at least from those two cargo's.

The trains deliver the chemicals, steel and wool (in the near future) at this factory and then return via the main oil transport network back to the chemical-works where they started.

So this is what I did today, the next step is the furtilizer that must be delivered to the grain and grapes farm...but that's another story :lol:

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 21:37
by Greyfox
Excellent work EDS. As you stated, I am still testing this mod and will submit a report as soon as I can. Great pics, looking good.

Greyfox. :D

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 14:40
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Because I always like to share new ideas I have decided to make a new industry for the food mod: A coconut-plantation.

People who used to play with the NAM-Mod should know this industry because I used it as a latex-plantation. Since the trees from the latex-plantation look a lot like those from coconuts I decided to use this industry again...The NAM-Mod isn't used anymore and I won't release it anymore (I don't have the time to go through the whole process again), but this industry is now left useless, time to use it for something else then...It was once made by Zimmlock.

The coconut-plantation can be used for two types of cargo, lumber and duhhhh coconuts. The lumber will be produced from the start, but because it's the food-mod and because I always want to make things a little more difficult the coconuts will only grow when furtilizer is delivered at the plantation. The lumber can (like always) be delivered at the papermill. The coconuts can now be delivered at the Brewery and at the Food Production Factory.

So the Brewery now accepts Grapes, Milk and Coconuts and produces Drinks and Forage. The Food Production Factory now accepts Grain, Meat and Coconuts and produces Food and Waste.

Here's a screenshot of the Coconut-Plantation:


Hope you guys like the idea and please let me know what you think of it and if I should release it for the mod (on the other hand I'm already testing this in the mod and so far it works)...



Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 20:03
by Opan
Looking really good EDS! I'll be sure to give a try once its released (I've actually been playing the valuables mod a bit lately).

One thing about the coconut industry though, if it was like any other fruit orchard like apples, oranges, peaches etc; (as far as I know) they wouldn't be cutting down the trees :lol:

I know that the mod is based off of the managed forest, so perhaps if you used the fully grown sprite for all the stages of the tree growth to give it the illusion of the same trees being used? At least thats what I would do for simplicity sake. Just a thought.

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 22:57
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Opan wrote:I know that the mod is based off of the managed forest, so perhaps if you used the fully grown sprite for all the stages of the tree growth to give it the illusion of the same trees being used? At least thats what I would do for simplicity sake. Just a thought.
Thnxsss a lot Opan, and I'm pleased to know that you enjoy the Valuables Mod !

Do you mean that I should only use one sprite for that ? Cos this is indeed made the same way as the forest and all of the trees are growing, so these trees can be sawn off and new trees will grow...I also did use this one because I wanted to do something with the un-used industry and have the lumber as well...

I see what you mean, but I did a little investigation for the coconut-plantation, and as far as I know the same trees are indeed producing new coconuts everytime, however I used my own imagination a little bit as well because there comes a time when these trees are no longer producing coconuts and then they can be cut :lol:, and when that happens new trees must be planted...

Do you have any other suggestions ?

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 12 Feb 2014 04:38
by lsbc
Milk ID=4 (same as Oil) hmmm Milk in tanker should be refer type tanker hmmm oily Milk LOL

Meat ID =9 (same as Grapes) also should be refer

Drinks ID=4 (same as Oil) hmm oily booze LOL most drinks are bottled in some manner or another and in cartons or cases so could be handled as goods/food.

Not nitpicking just a thought on real life railroading and the limits of the game, however since there are other cargo / wagon errors this shouldn't make much difference considering the vehicle limits 2 more vehicle types would be a different problem when obsolete is considered

Would the new factory require all 3 to produce goods and clothing? might consider cotton verses steel and perhaps fertilizer to wheat farm produce it???

the pasteurization / preservatives are usually down at factory level but since the game has default errors another is no big deal.

advice about mod... keep 32 cargo limits in mind as this mod would work great into other mods hence the no big deal on refer tanker etc/

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 12 Feb 2014 09:15
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Thanks for that response, I think that in some way you're right...

I could indeed change the ID for drinks to 8 (and you're right about that) and let it be the same as food/goods, but milk is mostly transported in tanker-cars or trains, and I can't just create new trains or trucks for that. Since the tankers in the game are used for one type of cargo only (that is, when I buy a tanker-car for the transport of milk then it's used only for milk until the vehicle is replaced by another)...So I don't use a vehicle that I used for oil to transport milk with it (like in real life).

I also used standard ID-numbers because I didn't had to build new vehicles for it and now the mod can be used with everybody's favorite vehicles...the only new cargo is waste, which has ID-number 10 and I have converted three standard trucks and three standard trains for that.

Meat is (like drinks) packed in crates or sometimes in boxes indeed, but meat needs to be cooled during transport (like grapes), so that's why I chose that ID-number...

Indeed I thought about the limit of 32 cargotypes, because I like to play with different cargo's in a game as well...At this time I'm also working on a scenario that have parts from both the food-mod and the valuables mod and this is the result:

--- Cargo Types ---
GRAIN : grain.dat

That's like 27 different cargo's all in one game...but more on this one later :lol:

What do you mean with the new factory ? Do you mean that I should make a separate clothing factory I'm not sure what you mean with that...The new factory needs wool, chemicals and steel to produce goods and clothing. If I need cotton as well, then I need another new cargo and another industry as well (but I can also change an industry building into a city-building that produces cotton to save an industry-slot).

The realism is pumped up a little indeed, but can you make a more detailed suggestion for that ? Then maybe I can work it out, as good ideas are always ok...

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 12 Feb 2014 15:39
by lsbc
Your post on previous page shows the factory requires wool chemicals and steel does it require all 3 to produce clothing? Steel in clothing yes I know there is some but very little that's why cotton suggestion to replace steel at that factory

as for the cotton that could be a city building production to save industry use.

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 12 Feb 2014 15:45
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Yes it will need all three to start producing...

But I can make another factory as well wich accepts cotton, wool and maybe another cargo-type for the production of clothes. Any suggestions ?

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 12 Feb 2014 20:00
by lsbc
chemicals would be good for 3rd type as this would include dyes, and other items added and used for clothing

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 12 Feb 2014 21:35
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Ok thanks, now I made a clothing factory wich needs wool, cotton and chemicals. It needs all three cargo's to start producing because out of chemicals alone no clothing can be made...I used the printing works as a industry for it.

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 13 Feb 2014 02:11
by lsbc
Too complex? Well I think more challenging is a better term. After all most railroads haul so many cargo types and so many factories require more than a couple cargo types. Besides you can still pick and choose what to use in your own scenerios.

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 13 Feb 2014 09:25
by Emperor Darth Sidious
Zakos wrote:I'm beginning to wonder if this is becoming too complex :P
Hehehe...Have you ever played my old NAM-mod Zakos ? Talk about complex, almost each and every industry needed three cargo's to start producing, even the coal and iron ore mines needed gasoline (so the engines and minecarts could drive) to bring the coal and iron ore to the surface. The same goes with my valuables mod, you have a difficult version in it as well...The gold, silver and diamondmines need gasoline as well.

Now we have the food mod where you must first haul forage and fertilizer to the farms and plantations before the production starts, I think it's more like a nice challenge, and it takes much longer and more efficient planning before you will be able to reach the goal of the scenario. In the real world animals like sheeps and livestock need food as well, plantations are producing food because of modern-day fertilizer and so on...

So yes, most of my mods are complex (but there are a lot of people who like it that way), and I try to create them in a realistic way...
Zakos wrote:Don't get me wrong, I love the mod, not to mention his valuables mod; I'll just have a hard time deciding which one to use because each large industry expansion goes so in-depth.
As for the mod itself, I'm still working on it (also because of the new cotton-plantation that was requested) and I'm still busy testing. My last testgame became useless because the industries are created in a different way and a few new industries were put in...

One thing needs to be mentioned...because of the newly added industries it isn't possible anymore to use the complete food mod and the complete valuables mod all in one game. You can use the food-mod and some parts of the valuables mod (like the gold and silvermine both as city-buildings). What I also do...I don't use the coal and iron oremine industries, I just use Digidampfman his citymines (same as the city gold, diamond and silvermines in my valuables mod, but with coal and iron ore instead) wich you can find here: ... tem&id=938 (His mines produce coal and/or iron ore and accept lumber for the tunnels and food for the cantina, that's a nice idea as well)

I still need some one who is willing to test this. Tonight I'm going to make the scenario ready for this recreated version of the mod so if there's anybody who is willing to put this baby to the test (next to Greyfox), please let me know !



Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 13 Feb 2014 22:05
by lsbc
I have time to test drive if you still someone

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 14 Feb 2014 08:59
by Sir BNSF
I'm also willing to give this a test seeing as I'm just getting back into Locomotion. I was looking into this mod a while back and can't wait for it to be released. Keep up the good work!

Re: [WIP] A new Food-Mod

Posted: 14 Feb 2014 09:39
by Emperor Darth Sidious
I have send you both (lsbc and Sir BNSF) a PM about testing the there are enough test-players.