Important notice for new users... and the old ones.

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Important notice for new users... and the old ones.

Post by andel »

Seeming that my notes about digging up topics this is an important update and notice for users...

This section for dedicated to the creating of and supporting the basic use of modifications... whilst sensible requests are welcome, a lot of people are beginning to ignore the guidelines about requesting. Even fewer people are prepared to get their hands dirty and learn how to make stuff themselves. Even less people than this are not even keen to learn basic grammar or have any ounce of common sense and seem excited and happy enough to dig about a bit, finding topics from 2004 or earlier and making sure they hit the top of the page because (heaven forbid) I have nothing better to do with my time than to go through all the topics here to find that post is similar, identical or slightly worse than...
Some 13yr old n00b who is going to get on my nerves quickly wrote: Wow :shock: :shock: :shock: ROFL I WANT WHERE DO I GET THIS GIMME GIMME WAH WAH I WANT IT GIMME IT NOW :shock: :shock: :lol: :roll: :bow: X( :oops: :mrgreen: :| :idea: :!:
... So - here is my current stand. You will be given one on-forum warning for digging. Then I dishing out warnings followed by a ban. You will be given one on-forum warning for a non-useful post (defined as if a post is not telling a creator they like their product and think its fantastic, if a post is not contributing to a project in hand or a post is simply... bollocks), one on-forum warning will be given before I start dishing out offical warnings followed by a ban.

And why? Because other people here have a lot more better things to do than to go through a hundred topics all saying "rofl hahahaha wow gimme".

If you are a new user however, and you plan to stick around and be useful, friendly, polite and happy here - welcome. I'm actually not a grumpy guy - you're really welcome to trawl through the hundreds of pages here... you're extreamly welcome to download stuff and if you have a question - post it in the problems section... we're a bunch of happy happy people here when the 1st page is not cluttered with topics from pre-ark/moses/Adam and Eve that have been bumped by a 10 year old from Texas.

If you are a new user who really likes to just dig up topics or cause havoc, may I recommend OpenTTD instead.

Rant over kids - now run along and play.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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