Hodkowicz's ČSD Set - NEW: EMUs v3.0 [WIP/REL]

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Re: Hodkowicz's ČSD Set - NEW: EMUs v3.0 [WIP/REL]

Post by Seelenquell »

that was just a very basic mesh i made. Hodkowicz made a nice little train out of it. i like it :) nice work indeed.
i did all models/renderings/textures myself. no conversions.

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Re: Hodkowicz's ČSD Set - NEW: EMUs v3.0 [WIP/REL]

Post by Illioplius »

Hi. Did you consider creating ČSD Class M 290.0 (Slovenská strela)? :)

Sorry for bumping, I hope this is still actual topic.
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Re: Hodkowicz's ČSD Set - NEW: EMUs v3.0 [WIP/REL]

Post by Walter1940 »

I want to be a spoilsport, but ..... have you looked into this when Hodkowicz was the last time that has been published?

Well, theoretically I could do that too. But when converting it always destroys the model. Pity
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Re: Hodkowicz's ČSD Set - NEW: EMUs v3.0 [WIP/REL]

Post by Gerrie de B. »

Hi Hodkowicz,

Any place where your ČSD rail set is still available for download? They look amazing! Best thing is that all those trains are still driving around! :)
Can see them passing by from the office I work.
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Re: Hodkowicz's ČSD Set - NEW: EMUs v3.0 [WIP/REL]

Post by griffinrails »

Giant bump replying to a giant bump, sorry folks.
All of Hodkowicz's content can only be accessed via the Wayback machine, this is the best link I can find:https://web.archive.org/web/20130518083 ... comods.eu/
I apologise in advance.
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