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Railroad Diorama

Posted: 04 Sep 2020 00:50
by This is my name
This is Railroad Diorama based on Did Miers Railroad Tycoon ( and the Chris Sayer extenson and the state of Malaysia by me You can only play road vehicle specially bus and truck The competitor gets to play rail and bus and truck and tram and air You are being given no mercy Play accroding to the ECONOMY set by the game There is NO MODS needed to play the game This scenario is made after I have paid Chirs the money About Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon let me explain Sid Mier's Railroad Tycoon with Chris Sayyer's extension PLease play Railroad Diorama Vers_ 2 Railroad Diorama DO NOT PLAY as it is only for backward compatibitity Railroad Diorama the save game also DO NOT PLAY as it is for people who wanted an example and also for backwards compatibility for that kind of people

Railroad Diorama Vers_4

Posted: 04 Sep 2020 02:23
by This is my name
Railroad Diorama Vers_4 has beeen released There is a defect that me forgot that Road Two-Way that is made of Tar hte Towns or Settlements cannot bring Tar Two-Way road as a rule Since Tar road is made out of Oil when there was no Oil Transported and this is not Sid Meier game where you assume theree is trapsoprt by other means exppet railway there is nothing transported in Chris Saywer Loconotion to me so that is the addressed Please PLAY only Railroad Diorama Vers_4 the Scenario and Railroad Diorama Vers_ 4 the Save Game DO NOT PLAY Railroad Diramma save game 2 FAIL and Railooad Diorama Vers_ 3 the Scenario and Railroad Diorama Save game Vers_ 3 because for backward compatibility porpose only