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Boulder Breakers Maxed Out

Posted: 07 May 2019 17:46
by M6AEY
Hi Guys, I am a new member so great to be here and hopefully get some suggestions for something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

I started playing the Android version of Transport Tycoon and always wanted a version I could play on PC with the same layout(s) as the app. OpenTTD is an awesome game but it wasn't quite what I was after. Just a few days ago I found Locomotion on steam and thought I'd give it a go (£4.67 or something silly so not much to lose) and I was gobsmacked to discover it is essentially the same game as Transport Tycoon on my tablet!

Sorry if this is old news to you guys, I was just so excited I've not only spent the whole weekend playing Locomotion I have just bought the PC game on eBay (£3.99 with free delivery!) so I can use the mods that are available and play without having to update steam everytime I try and open the game

I am now able to try something I have always wanted to do with the added benefit of a mouse, keyboard and a big screen. Namely, make the largest most overblown Boulder Breakers level I can...

I'm talking about city populations in the thousands upon thousands and expanding the game map until there is no ocean. I know this might sound totally pointless but Boulder Breakers is my favourite level for the simple reason that it is so simple but can be expanded. I've done run throughs where I add airports and build extra industries (not sure if can do this in Locomotion but will search forum for answers) but have only ever doubled the size of the original map. Now I want to keep going until all you can see is green!

Please let me know your thoughts, I look forward to feedback, suggestions and advice. Even if it's just to say get a life I can take it :lol:

Thanks in advance


Re: Boulder Breakers Maxed Out

Posted: 10 May 2019 07:50
by Zakos
Glad to see some new faces excited for that one game from 2004. Welcome to this mess, it's lovely here.

I've done a decent bit of terraforming in a few of my saves of Boulder Breakers. I usually favor Breakers Bridge and let it expand as much as possible. As far as making that work long term, you should open the scenario in the editor so you can make changes. That's the only way to make new "production" industries (as opposed to those which take one cargo and make another out of it) so if you want a more sophisticated chain of industries you'll need to workshop it there.

Also note that you might not be able to expand the cities all that much. I can artificially inflate a city to almost 200,000 but the population drops quickly. Still, with enough dedication you could maintain them to a high degree.

Let us know how it all works out.

Re: Boulder Breakers Maxed Out

Posted: 10 May 2019 09:41
by M6AEY
Hi Zakos

I love older PC games because they are easier to run on slower PC's and tend to have a dedicated and mature fan base. I fully agree with your Breakers Bridge tactic, I usually put my HQ on the small island and run trams from there the straight away.

CD ROM Came today! installed fine and steam has now been removed from my laptop so starting it up will be a lot lot quicker lol

I will take a look around scenario editor and let you all know how I get on :-)