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[WIP] TKB's Illinois

Posted: 23 Apr 2019 21:33
by TKB
So I love playing this game... as if it's my model train layout. I've loved maps that are somewhat flat (like lake district), because bridges look so stupid and changing the terrain ruins some of the cosmetics too. I'm originally from Chicago, and grew up trainspotting the area & spending time at the Illinois railway museum. So I've created an Illinois map, including St.Louis, some of Wisconsin, Michigan, and most of Indiana as well. It's "playable," in the regard that it's more flat, but has a little bit of the terrain and some of the cities.

The cities are all one-way, so you expand them as your game progresses. Add your own trains, select your own era, and have a little fun.

It should also be clean, all that is selected are the terrains and roads.

Test it and let me know what you think!

Re: [WIP] TKB's Illinois

Posted: 23 Apr 2019 21:47
by Walter1940
Please tell us which mods are needed. It can not be opened.

Re: [WIP] TKB's Illinois

Posted: 23 Apr 2019 23:45
by TKB
I'll delete this thread and redo on a clean copy of Loco... I've got way too many mods to count...