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[REL] Barcelona metro area (w/ and w/o mod) revised version

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 19:05
by alessandro
I wasn't quite happy with the initial version of this scenario, so I've revised it. I didn't like the scale of the first version, it was too small. I calculate this from the amount of city blocks I can fit within the area of the city. It's still not 1:1, but closer. I can't really force it any further or there won't be much left outside the city. I hope OpenLoco comes along eventually allowing for larger maps. But for now, this seems fair enough.

Other than that, it's pretty much the same concept as before. Some towns are gone because of the resize, and industries are differently placed. Some are placed according to actual industries, like the Damm Brewery, the somewhat famous Vicente Bosch Anise Liqueur factory in Badalona, and a printer at the autonomous university near Bellaterra. Others are fictitious, but more or less follow actual industrial and resource distribution. Since there's no coal anywhere near Barcelona, the coal mine is placed at the seaside, representing the port where coal enters. Industries do not open up or close down.

Again, no mod and mod versions. Here's the list of required objects (exactly the same as in the initial version):

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Electric SG
Renfe 276
Renfe 276 UN
Pack Renfe 251 Original/UN

Steam SG
Locomotoras Norte 1719 y Renfe 030-2224
Renfe 242F-2001 'Confederación'
Renfe 241F-2224 'Atómica'

Automotor Brill FCC 13
Renfe 433 Subserie 1, 2 y 3
Pack Renfe 439
Renfe 440 Azul/Amarilla
Renfe 440 Cercanias
Renfe 446/447
Renfe UT 440R Cercanias

Steam NG
Baldwin PV5 'Villabaso'

Diesel NG
Feve Alsthom 1052

FGC UT 211
Suburban trains - overhead electrified and Diesel, narrow gauge
Matterhorn Railways v1.2 [GGB and FGC trains]

Modified trams and tramwagons
AMI Tram
CLW North American Mega-Pack version 1.1.3 (full) [passenger pack "Trams" only req'd]

Re: [REL] Barcelona metro area (w/ and w/o mod) revised version

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 19:08
by alessandro
Obligatory screenshots.

Re: [REL] Barcelona metro area (w/ and w/o mod) revised version

Posted: 23 Apr 2019 18:14
by TKB
Might I ask...
Did this come from grayscale or done by hand?

Re: [REL] Barcelona metro area (w/ and w/o mod) revised version

Posted: 25 Apr 2019 23:47
by alessandro
Just like the previous version, I used a grayscale image off an actual elevation map. I only adjusted brightness and contrast, and blurred it a bit for softness, since the resolution wasn't all that great. I also drew in the rivers, which consequently are a bit exaggerated, and only select rivers are worked in like that. But essentially, it's geographically quite accurate.

Attached is the grayscale image I used, the rivers (thick black lines) are drawn in by me, albeit following actual rivers. In reality most of the rivers in the area are in urbanized areas and often canalized, dried out or just an open-air sewer. The river on the left, the Llobregat River, is one of the larger ones, it has recently been recovered somewhat, it had always had its riverbed but it was pretty dry and polluted. The river on the right, close to the ocean, is the Besòs river, also one of the larger ones which had something similar happen to it and has also been recovered recently.