Alien World Scenario

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Alien World Scenario

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I was inspired by the Mars scenario by Overlord1191 and I thought it was time for humanity to adventure further into space.

The year is 2064, you were chosen by the Human Space Council as the Transport Director of the spaceport Luyten Alpha on the exoplanet Luyten b, your goal is to make the colony a self-sustaining city using the resources found on the planet (and reach a performance index of 90%).
You will need the following mods, plus the one I made, which helps to make the map a bit more alien.

MagLev ... 27-Maglev/

MagLev Trains ... ev-Trains/

MagLev NL ... Z-C3-BCge/

MagLev Freight Wagon

(Yes, you'll have only MagLev, cause railways are so 19-20th century)

21st Century Mod

Greehouses ... eenhouses/

Mercedes Citaro

Alien World Mod.7z
(92.01 KiB) Downloaded 203 times
Luyten Alpha.SC5
(525.05 KiB) Downloaded 137 times
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