Lombardia 1990 Scenario (Northern Italy)

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Lombardia 1990 Scenario (Northern Italy)

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In this scenario your goal is to reach 100% Tycoon level in the Italian region of Lombardy.
Difficulty is set to medium and there are no competitors (so your map won't be full of bridges from one side to the other after 20 years ahah)
My tip is to follow valleys and the lakesides (and the plain) for railroads, and not make tunnels straight under the mountains.
This is my first scenario, so if you find some problems or you have a request or some suggestions feel free to message me.

For this scenario you'll need these mods:

Earth Slopes

High-tech Electronics

Digidampfman's Station Kits 1-4

Italien Train Pack 1.3
http://www.wisim-welt.de/filebase/index ... -Pack-1-3/

Here are some screenshots from the map
Lombardia 1990.SC5
(802.48 KiB) Downloaded 146 times
Lombardia Landscape.sc5
Here's the empty landscape, if someone wants to make some changes
(4.61 MiB) Downloaded 118 times

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