Problems with some trucks

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Problems with some trucks

Post by Casal0x »

First sorry for my english

I have some water and mail trucks... and they are lost i dont know how to delete or say where they need to go because they don't acept an order and stay doing circles...

can any one please teach me how to correct this problem :)

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Re: Problems with some trucks

Post by mmarvelstrain »

you need to stop them and pick them up and if they are going that route keep building and putting in orders till they work.
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Re: Problems with some trucks

Post by Vimpster »

I find Waypoints are crucial for road vehicles to avoid having them get lost. But, waypoints can also cause more trouble then they solve if you aren't very familiar with how to use them properly. Basicly whenever the vehicle is presented with an option to go two or more different directions(a fork in the road) where one of the forks could lead to a deadend or a reverse loop( as in a loop that takes them back the way they came, then you need to use a waypoint to ensure they choose the right path each time.

However if they are already lost then as mmarvel said, you need to stop them and pick them up or give them waypoints to get out of their trapped situation. The further the route a road vehicle is taking the more likly they are to get lost if you aren't giving them very specific directions.

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