Station Entries

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Station Entries

Post by TonkaCarl »

Hi again!

Just writing to ask if trains can enter terninal stations (mainly, but also RO-RO's) so fast that they don't stop in time.

Thanks! :D

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Re: Station Entries

Post by Twiggy »

Not unless you intentionally drive them in there and crash them... To drive, open a train window (one you already have running), hold the "insert" key on the keyboard down and type DRIVER. Then hold down on the stop/start button on the right hand side of the train window, and you will see "manual", click that and it lets you control the speed of the train. Beware however, when in manual mode, the controlled trains ignore block signals and end of the line. It takes some skill, but I've driven 3 at once and I think someone else might have done four. It's great fun if you've got blank all to do...
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Re: Station Entries

Post by locomotionhq »

Also note that heavier trains will take a considerably longer time to stop than lighter ones. The only other way a train could fall off the end of a terminal station is if you delete the last or last few pieces of track as the train is entering the station, where the train would crash and you'd have to replace it.
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