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Locomotion for Mac?

Posted: 24 Mar 2020 20:05
by Blaxlandridge3
Hi, I am new here, and have been playing Locomotion (Transport Tycoon) on mobile for awhile now, and wanted to get the PC version for mods, etc, etc.

Of course, I want to play on Mac.

Of course Locomotion is not available for Mac.


But wait! I've got an idea! Prepare yourself for a super - in depth story on how I'm trying to make this work... :mrgreen:

Ok, so I bought Locomotion on steam, on sale, for $1.40 awhile back. Then I got Winebottler. (I know there is a topic on doing this with Winebottler but I am encountering an issue.) I also have an ancient Windows XP laptop, so I downloaded steam and the game on The windows XP laptop, and everything worked flawlessly. Then, I got the files from the game on the XP, put them into my google drive, and retrieved them on my Mac. (I know how to use winebottler, and it has worked on other games for me before.)I then fired up the game on my Mac, winebottler opened, the LOCO logo showed at the bottom, aaaaannnndd,,,,,
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 2.27.41 PM.png
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I got this.
I hear this is actually quite a common issue, but with the fact that it did not give me this on the XP, what went wrong? How can I fix this?

Btw, the loading bar just freezes like that. Pressing "Ok" or "Cancel" Just results in it saying:
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 4.11.37 PM.png
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I really want to play some Locomotion, so help would be MASSIVELY appreciated!! :D :D


Re: Locomotion for Mac?

Posted: 26 Mar 2020 12:09
by kamnet
My suggestion would be to download OpenLoco from and then compile it yourself on MacOS. Version 0.20.3 was just released a few days ago. It is still very much developmental, but it is also fairly functional.

Re: Locomotion for Mac?

Posted: 28 Mar 2020 12:41
by Blaxlandridge3
I tried OpenLoco, but I couldn't figure it out. I got it working with another application called "Crossover" And accessed it through steam. This one, however, has a 14 day free trial. I'm going to use it until it is up, and then get the GOG version, try again with wine, and if it's no good, I'll just return it.

I do have another question. How do .rar files work? When I'm putting in the mods, all the .dat mods work when I put them into the ObjDat folder, but not that "Us_Gen2.rar" Mod.
Am I doing something wrong?

Also, how can I get mods into an existing scenario from the game, instead of making my own in the editor. Thanks!

Re: Locomotion for Mac?

Posted: 29 Mar 2020 02:19
by Zakos
The extension .rar is an extension for a compressed file, like .zip; you'll need the archiver WinRar to access the files. It's a better way of sending out a group of files than posting them individually. The archive should spit out a folder of .dat files which can go in Objdata once they're decompressed. Make sure the .dat files are directly in Objdata, not in another separate folder within Objdata.

In the editor, you can go to load a landscape and instead go up to the next folder where all of the existing scenarios are located. You'll be able to remake the scenario with anything you want to keep intact and anything else tweaked.

Re: Locomotion for Mac?

Posted: 29 Mar 2020 15:09
by Blaxlandridge3
Thank you!! :bow: