Broad Gauge mod, and another mods install problems

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Broad Gauge mod, and another mods install problems

Post by Quantom »

Hello Guys!
Nowdays i start plying in locomotion.
And download some mods, as:
- Full pack of "metronom" tran
- Airport pack v5
- Broad Gauge mod
-E69, and enother locos mods
After copying all .dat files to /ObjData folder, i try to play whis it, but nothing happend.
I download saveeditor ( and edit my save, add narrow and broad gauge. But, when I starten this save, i still see, that narrow and broad gauge are not available! BUT I add additional all road types, and ALL of them avabilive! Where i make mistake? Help :bow:!
I think, may exist another way to add new tracks and another.
And, someone have an maglew track? I not found maglew in internet, be wery pleasure you, if you give mi link!
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Re: Broad Gauge mod, and another mods install problems

Post by griffinrails »

Usually it takes 2 startup attempts to properly start up LoMo.
Try opening LoMo as administrator.
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