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Sharing models with Transport Empire

Posted: 04 Jun 2004 20:44
by charlieg
As TE is using 3d models and there's already a few done, perhaps it would be wise to make the model db for TE/Zugspiel a joint effort.

For example, this one was recently posted. And there's more already done and, I'm sure, lots more to come.

Posted: 04 Jun 2004 20:48
by Arathorn
I can only speak for myself, but for me I don't care who's using the models for what. If I ever have the time to finish something I'll share it with you. ;)

Posted: 04 Jun 2004 20:50
by Lilman424
Well, chochmah has already taken models from the TE graphics topic, so yeah, this would be a good idea.

Posted: 05 Jun 2004 00:23
by Tyrell
Some general modeling gidelines would not be wrong.
like prevered: poly count, texure size (if any), file format.

( "so, you would like to moddel for Zugspeil FAQ" :) )

Posted: 05 Jun 2004 00:38
by Lilman424
...or TE ;)

zugspiel GFX FAQ

Posted: 05 Jun 2004 10:38
by chochmah
yup good idea
you can see a zmodeller screenshot here:

Modelformat: UVW Mapped 3ds
Textureformat: 24Bit BMP is small as possible

zugspiel has 3 lods (level of detail).

First level: dont know... Somebody would have to try out... But I think the models Braxx made are far to detailed. (no offense they are realy great)
Second Level: Textured Boxes for smaller objects like trains, maybe some more vertics for buildings. We'll have to see...
Third Level: Only Textured Boxes

(you could use zModeler)

I'll write some guidelines as soon as I know more

Posted: 05 Jun 2004 11:46
by Brax
I think trying to find out what sort of polygon limit Homeworld uses might be a good indicator of what sort of LOD models should be. I know you can even get tools that will take a higher LOD and make lower LOD models. However, whenever I use it, it usually messes the mesh up, so you would probably have to do it manually.

Posted: 05 Jun 2004 12:10
by mnorman
Brax: Possible, but I think that HW2 is a particularly high polygon game. However, I do think that slightly more polygons should be used that just boxes at two of the zoom levels, as at least 12 polygons are needed to make a V200 or a class 37 recognisable.


Posted: 05 Jun 2004 14:44
by chochmah
I dont think that tools that reduce the poly count are very usefull. In Higher zoomlevels Boxes will be more that enough.