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win32 : how to play ? which key ?

Posted: 20 Aug 2005 09:10
by fabca2
I'm on windows, so I took the last version "preprealpha-2"
but there is no user interface...
I seen that you can play with keyboard.. but I can't find commands key.
where is the file that describe the key ?
how to build a rail track ? how to create a train ? how to place a signal ????

thank you

Posted: 20 Aug 2005 10:46
by Purno
I didn't know Zugspiel was playable... :?

EDIT: Latest news on their website if from May 18th... doesn't seem like project which is alive, TBH.

Posted: 20 Aug 2005 12:57
by Conditional Zenith
That is 18th May from 2004 or earlier.

Posted: 05 Apr 2007 16:37
by Martin1990
well it is possible to lay tracks...
Here it is, a prepreAlpha demo of the zugspiel engine for windows. I can't figure out why it is so slow, it runs about 50 times slower then the Linux build. If someone can help with it, plase contact me (chochmah_AT_gmx_net).
-'x' pauses the game (the game starts in paused mode)
-'1'-'4' zoomlevels
-'ESC' exits (with segfault)
-if you want to see how the pathfinding is done, press 'o'
you can redirect trains by pressing 'z', selecting a train by clicking on the engine, press 'z' again, press 'u' and then click on a title with a signal or one of the trainstationbuildings (the halls) (if it worked you should see a cyan line marking the train destinationtable)
-on the bottom left corner of the map you see a red dot. thats a train in a "depot". Start the game in paused mode. press 'z' and select the red dot, press 'z' again, press 'u' and select first a signal close to the train and then a trainstation, then press 'x'
-to build tracks press 't', right mousebutton changes tracktype.
-'e' deletes tracks
If you press any other key... nobody knows what will happen. (Probably segfault)
(when you want to place track left)

Re: win32 : how to play ? which key ?

Posted: 29 Feb 2008 15:33
by 1993matias
Now i found out that ''i'' shows a height grid, and ''s'' is a 'click and drag' way to build railroads. then i pressed ''d'' and the game crashed :(