zugspiel controls

A 3D game in the spirit of Transport Tycoon. Click here for the web site.
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zugspiel controls

Post by bobo »

I can't go on the download to read how to do the game.
(itz barred :cry: ) so could some one type the instructions!
Ah forget it. I'll come back now.
OH NOES its an IRC quote!
<jonty> :O
<DaveWorley> ...
<DaveWorley> BOBO!?
<jonty> Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobo!
<DaveWorley> BOO!
<jonty> Binga-dinga-bo-bo :D
<DaveWorley> D:
<Bobo> Heh, this is IRC quote material.

Small and compact quotes! Gotta love em.
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