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Openttd Discord Bot

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Hello Folks,

I'd created openttd C# Discord Bot that integrates our lovely game with Discord.

What it can do:
  • It uses admin port for all functionalities except auto-updated message.
  • Connects Discord channel to the Openttd Servers enabling communication between multiple servers and Discord.
  • Ability to execute rcon commands on server from Discord.
  • Ability to gather short reports from players about malicious behaviour of other players
  • *** Contains information about connected clients
  • *** Contains last chat messages
  • *** Contains reason for the report
  • *** Some additional information
  • Creating auto-updated messages which can show status of current server.
Github repository link with all informations how to setup bot with youtube video :
If you want to use this bot you need to host it by yourself. Raspberry Pi can easilly handle this bot under docker environment.
It's licensed under GPL 3.0.

Example how it looks like from Discord:

Enjoy! :)

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