OpenGL 3D viewport renderer

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Re: OpenGL 3D viewport renderer

Post by Zardoz89 »

jfs wrote: 02 Dec 2019 21:28 While I don't doubt the technical parts of this are good, there are two major conceptual issues I see:

First, there is a library of more than 15 years of NewGRF add-ons containing sprites that are not compatible with this mode. I see two possible outcomes, one is that nobody might want to use this 3D mode because it doesn't support their NewGRF. The other is that some kind of "re-wrapping" of sprites onto 3D models (or just as billboard sprites) that will look bad and possibly anger artists having their work poorly presented.

Second, and related, is that I think a large number of players stick with OpenTTD specifically because of the art style.

So yeah, sorry for being only negative, but I just can't see this becoming a popular feature.
My little suggestion as a outsider... Add a option to enforce views to isometric camera positions (but allowing to rotate between 4 angles, like in Simcity 2000 and Simcity 3000). this option by default it's on, and only can be allowed to set to false and use free rotating camera when all the NewGRF loaded are 3d compatible (ie, have 3d models for all his graphics).
With this option, you can render the old sprites from NewGRFs as billboards and they would keep looking fine.

Another extra suggestion for the long run... Add HQ2x rescaling option for game sprites. Many Doom source ports have this option and looks really nice
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Re: OpenGL 3D viewport renderer

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I know this is a resurrected thread but for people who complained about laggy mouse etc, from what I have tested with the given build this happens when you open extra viewports be it vehicles or towns etc. Even when you close them they probably don't stop runing render logic so game just starts slowing down more and more. If you don't open any more viewports it runs decently well and I didn't experience drastic slowdowns.

Hopefully someone picks this up where Assert left of some day.
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Re: OpenGL 3D viewport renderer

Post by robotex »

I have been playing TTD from the beginning. But I haven't been active for years but did read the news about openttd coming to steam.

I'm just writing to let you know that there are players that love the idea of a 3D renderer.

Thanks to all of you for keeping this project alive!

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