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TopTechDreams patch pack

Posted: 08 Sep 2019 23:00
by TopTechDreamer
SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED some suggestions - Independence day of Ukraine 20190824 release ( viewtopic.php?f=32&t=85845 ).
There are descriptions and files to DOWNLOAD :!: (executable files for MS Windows and for Android + set of modified source-code files). Descriptions (there) include "How to use?" and about some restrictions.


:!: :arrow: 3. 3D-Revolution of (railway-) stations (these are most powerful new possibilities) :
:!: :arrow: 3.1. (Railway-) tunnel-platforms (tunnel-stations) and bridge-platforms (bridge-stations).
:!: :arrow: 3.2. (Railway-) tunnels and bridges, even if they are not stations, can be parts of (railway-) platforms to increase "platform length" parameter of that platforms (to avoid "platform length penalty" to unloading and loading speed (and time), if platform is shorter than train). This looks like bridges and tunnels continue that platforms.

:arrow: 2. More objects under bridges!
:!: 2.1. stations under bridges
2.2. houses under bridges
2.3. trees under bridges
2.4. industries under bridges

:arrow: 1. Tunnels for ships ("water tunnels"). 2-tiles-entrance works quite realistic ("continuous").

Be happy. :)

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test test 3.2 for screenshots 2106-02-22, -04-24, 2106-05-22.sav

Re: TopTechDreams patch pack

Posted: 17 Jan 2020 18:05
by jimbob
Nice just need to make some custom bridge and tunnel sprites for them now :)