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Re: JGR's Patch Pack

Post by JGR »

SomeIndianGuy wrote:
12 Sep 2020 11:54
JGR wrote:
12 Sep 2020 10:38
SomeIndianGuy wrote:
12 Sep 2020 09:16
Hello JGR,
Here attached is a crash report regarding the most recent version of your patchpack :Crash report.zip
Thanks for reporting this, I will investigate.
For now I would suggest increasing the size of the sprite_cache_size_px value in your openttd.cfg file.
What is the max value for the given config variable?
I have kept it at 256 for now. It seemed to crash when the value was 128.
The maximum is 512.

I've committed a fix which should resolve this, which will be in the next release.
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