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Re: Huge Airports

Post by kamnet »

glennmckenna wrote:
kamnet wrote:The Spring 2013 Patch Pack (last updated March 2014) also implements this patch
may i ask what's the status with mod, has there been any evolution, has it been incorporated into another mod ?
and does this most recent version work with the most recent version of openttd ?
if it does how can i install it ?

and what is spring 2013 ?
If the authors have not posted an update, then you can always assume that there are no updates and that the last work posted is the most recent.

Patches are created to work with specific OpenTTD revisions. They may work with future versions as long as the code which this patch affects hasn't changed. Otherwise, it will need an update. Authors may not return to update their patches for long periods of time, which leaves you to knowing how to update and edit code. Visit the OpenTTD Wiki to learn how to download and apply patches. It's not difficult, but it does take patience and understanding how the process works.

Also, please don't ask for somebody to do it for you. Typically such pleading is ignored, and users are encouraged to learn how to do things for themselves. If you have difficulty applying a patch, or you want to learn how to code, open a new discussion topic and ask for the specific help you need in understanding how things work.

The Spring 2013 Patch Pack is a version of OpenTTD that has many different patches applied. You can read more about it here from the TTD Russia forums:
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Re: Huge Airports

Post by SGunner2014 »


I think I may have discovered a bug. Originally, there were two companies operating planes on a circle airport. They then stopped all of their planes and shortly after they went bankrupt and their company was reset. However, I own the airport their planes stopped on. Their planes disappeared, but the planes already on my airport that were mine that were waiting previously because of the other company's stopped planes did not move. No matter what I do, I can't get the planes to start moving again. I have attached an image of the airport in question.


- Sam
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Re: Huge Airports

Post by Parciwal »

Where can I download the newGRF?
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Re: Huge Airports

Post by Redirect Left »

Parciwal wrote: 27 May 2020 18:07 Where can I download the newGRF?
The GRF is on the first post, as is the patch file. This is not a simple GRF placement, it requires a patch to the source code. Be warned the patch code may not work with current version, as the latest update seems to have been over 5 year ago to this airports project. You will need to add the GRF, and the patch, just one of them will not apply this change.
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Re: Huge Airports

Post by TTdelicious »

Oh I absooooooooooluety LOVE this. Really really big airport (not only 4 runways). But does it work with OTTD today?
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Re: Huge Airports

Post by embeddedt »

TTdelicious wrote: 14 Jun 2020 22:15 Oh I absooooooooooluety LOVE this. Really really big airport (not only 4 runways). But does it work with OTTD today?
My fork of JGR's Patch Pack ( has this patch applied, among others. It is backwards compatible with vanilla and JGR savegames.

These are the three relevant commits (you should be able to apply these to vanilla, if you wanted to): ... 4d6dabd9ad ... 22ef5d8a5b ... 8d5b936883
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