Pathmaking overhaul idea & other

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Assigning orders to vehicles
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Pathmaking overhaul idea & other

Post by Valen »

I don't know if the following ideas have already been discussed but I didn't find any discussions, they are gamechanging and probably hard to implement but I'll list them nonetheless.
  • Implement a vehicle-order-panel where players will be able to create/clone common orders instead of the existing order-sharing system and simply assign vehicles to those paths (not the opposite -> orders-to-vehicles becomes vehicles-to-orders), this would also let us hardcode the paths the vehicles take (and there would be no major need for one-way roads).
  • The ability to designate custom cargo flow-paths like above (fix feeding system).
  • Ability to build elevated roads (opposite of tunnels).
  • In game calculators for amount of vehicles needed on lines etc.
  • Broken cars pulling over to side of road.
  • A way to identify our road pieces(?).
This list may expand unless removed :P

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