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Post by justaplayer »

Hello, here is an example of a system of coutries:
These countries should have a border like a fence or simple lines etc...
Sometimes a country can divide itself or unite.
Every country has a capital (the biggest city in the country).
Rececions(don't know how to write that) Shouldn't happen on the entire map but for one or multiple coutries.
Infrastructure can be built through these borders.
Some towns might get divided by two countries like Berlin 1900s.
And this would be a working country system
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Re: Countries

Post by Pyoro »

What would that add to the game though? Well, aside from local recessions.
A proper country (or state) system really only makes sense if there's some mechanics behind it. For example, you'd start with permission to build in 1 state and would need to buy permission elsewhere. Exporting/importing goods might have extra costs when crossing borders. Passangers would be less likely to travel "internationally". Or some stuff like that.

That'd all go far from the core ideas of OTTD though ^^;

Admittedly I thought about a "border object" in the past; just for scenario play, but that would have been solely for, well. Immersion. Narrative. Not for any actual effect.
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Re: Countries

Post by madrito »

Thats right .
And only building a Script, which would insert and remove the signs of administrative borders - the surrounding of land, this can apply in scenarios.

At least , could be develop additional mechanism from assumption of New Towns :'s New Towns
It contains feature in which larger cities when they grow, they could connect to smaller, absorbed. Not supported industry , excluded by other , instead of random closing. Industry after taking over another city could remain on the map, when the settings does not exceed it.
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Re: Countries

Post by Chrill »

There are definitely people who would enjoy a more advanced financial model ingame, and borders would go well with that.

Like andythenorth says, definitely not a controversial idea.

Like always, anyone is welcome to have a go at developing it. I'd try it out for sure!
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