Some suggestions about industries and cargo

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Some suggestions about industries and cargo

Post by MagicBuzz »


When using some industries GRF sets and/or huge maps it is quite hard to identify which industries to connect.

So here are a few suggestions to help the user to identify which routes can be designed :
  1. On the map view, in the "industry" tab, an option should display links between industries suppliers and customers colored with the cargo legend color. IE in temperate climate, for each factory, I should see orange links to all cities, grey links to any steel factory, and green/yellow to any farm. Links shoud be displaeyed only between "actives" industries (shown on the map).
  2. In the main view, when clicking on an industry, a button in the industry window could display links between the selected industry and potential suppliers and customers : same behaviour as previous sugestion but only for the active industry.
  3. Linking selections between windows. When I filter industries on the map, the cargo rate window should be filtered with the cargos produced/consumed by the selected industries. Same in the oposite side : if I select "coal" only on the cargo payment rate window, I should see on map only coal mines and power supplies.
  4. Allow advanced filters in the industry window :
    • Industries that are supplied but not consumed
    • Industries serviced (or not) by a specified company
    • Industries owned by a specified city
What about those suggestions?
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Re: Some suggestions about industries and cargo

Post by LaChupacabra »

1,2. On a 1024x1024 map with normal industry density, there are typically around 150 farms and around 100 factories. Imagine all these points combined... 15,000 lines.

3. Sometimes it could be useful, but often it would be very annoying.

4. I was thinking about something similar. :D
This graphic is almost two years old. Somehow, I never had time to describe it. In the meantime, a filtering function by cargo has been added. I had a slightly different idea, but the effect is similar. The list doesn't show which company serves the enterprise. It would be troublesome to simply show a few or even a dozen or so companies that could support the enterprise. You have the rest of the description in the picture. What is not on it and what can be planned, a text filter, similar to this on the city list window.

New window of Industries List v1.png
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