Connect Depots to roads or railways

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Connect Depots to roads or railways

Post by Thyros »


The way it works now is:
1. You build a road or railway
2. You place a depot next to the road or railway and it automatically connects to it

But if you do it in reverse order so:
1. You build a depot first
2. You place a road or railway next to it

It will not automatically connect the depot to the road or railway and you need to remember to do it yourself.

My suggestion is to ask user at the end of placing the road or railway if it should automatically connect any depots that are next to and facing the road or railway.

Or it can be considered as a bug and I should raise it as an issue?
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Re: Connect Depots to roads or railways

Post by Eddi »

I'm leaning towards "no", but if you're considering going that route, i don't see a reason to restrict this to depots. at least for roads it should also connect to any roadbits touching the new road
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