Fuel Patch Proposal

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Fuel Patch Proposal

Post by wallyweb »

Caveat: I'm not at all proficient at OpenTTD coding/patching. A developer would be required.
Goal: Gameplay enhancement
Fuel Requirement for vehicles (RVs, Trains; Ships; Airplanes)
Exceptions: Catenary powered vehicles (Trams and some trains)
1. Vehicles already have a decaying reliability that should be reset with an occasional visit to a depot.
2. Add a fuel consumption property that reduces (decays?) over time/distance (tiles) traveled.
3. Fuel capacity property set via Action 0
4. Fuel type property set via Action 0
5. Fuel consumption rate property set via Action 0
6. Refueling available from depots or stations.
7. Stations are already able to store cargoes.
8. Gameplay: Player ensures sufficient inventories of appropriate fuel types at stations (can this be done with depots too?)
9. Player would have to schedule timely station/depot visits for refueling.
10. Empty fuel tank/battery sends vehicle to nearest station/depot.
11. Feature can be enabled via the Settings GUI.

Addendum: Existing vehicle sets would not be affected unless the set's maintainer does a revision.
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Re: Fuel Patch Proposal

Post by nihues »

That remains me RailRoad Tycoon, and if could do that will be awesome.
Catenary could be a requirement of at least one power station in use... and could be a counter for cars/wagons like BSPI to limit use based on the power station use. But that would be complicated I think. (and now I`m thinking of coal and oil use too.... and things get complicated :lol: )

Another thing I was thinking is a way to make maintenance a bit more useful and reduce the impact on a good railway. I was thinking of reducing the breakdown chance more (to something like 2-5 during train lifespan so it wont clog a big railway every now and then if it`s all fine...) IF there are maintenance at least every 6 month (or whatever defaults). IF no maintenance in that time, double the running cost (could even double every 6 months late) and get the breakdown chance to normal levels (higher like 1-3 every year) or even higher every 6 month late.

That way if there are good use of depots/maintenance = fine happy trains almost no breakdown, normal running costs
If a little bad use of depots/maintenance = some breakdown change and higher running costs overall
If no depots = lots of breakdowns and basically impossible to profit.

That of course as a new option and could be disabled if don`t want that way.
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