Subway trains

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Subway trains

Post by justaplayer »

OpenTTD is a very well-made game and there are many ways to make money,but theres no subway transport system.It would be a fast transport method in cities and very good for passenger transit.The subway would be very useful in cities with 30000 and more people.I hope it wwill get added
one day.
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Re: Subway trains

Post by MLG »

Hi, you can get some with NewGRFs. For example 2CC trains in NML offer also subways or metros from whole world. You will then need subway stations. Dutch stations add-ons offer stations as well as overlays to hide tunnels. But these are also in (Australian stations NewGRFs) EDIT: those are named AuzSubwayStations, and are in new posts now. Or you can use Fake subways. These are RVs or trams, and appear as shadows and have capacity up to 800s of people. (but they take space up to 4 tiles long "trains". You can get them all from in-game downloader known as BaNaNaS.

But real subways running below your big cities are probably not possible, because of way OpenTTD codes tiles. (at least I think)
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