Per town weather

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Per town weather

Post by Expresso »


It would be nice to have a weather system which applies various effects on a per town basis.

The weather system would be quite simple, It would simply keep track of a weather state, which would be randomly generated each month (or whatever).

Each weather state could have various effects:
  • Sun shines: More passengers.
  • Cloudy: Normal day.
  • Fog: All vehicles reduce their maximum speed by 50%. Random road accidents, which means that a certain road piece becomes unusable for a certain while.
  • Rain: All ground vehicles reduce their maximum speed by 25%. Less passengers.
  • Snow: All ground vehicles reduce their maximum speed by 75% (ouch). A lot less passengers. Accidents happen.
  • Sleet: All ground vehicles reduce their maximum speed by 80% (double ouch). Train service impossible. Lots of accidents.
For those climates where snow above a certain height is present, rain doesn't fly. This will add a whole new dimension to the game. The weather actually starts affecting you're transport network. Perhaps some of the values I mentioned could be changed by settings?

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Re: Per town weather

Post by Redirect Left »

It's a neat idea, although would be highly confusing / irritating for new players I suspect. Would definitely need to be an on/off setting.

The main issue I guess is sprites. You'd need extra sprites for all the objects, or at least objects that need to have different displays for each weather.
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Re: Per town weather

Post by McZapkie »

Maybe just add some global events similar to recession?
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Re: Per town weather

Post by odisseus »

Most players are annoyed enough by the breakdowns that currently exist in the game, and these are disabled on most public servers. Your suggestion basically introduces still more breakdowns, so I don't see how it can gain any support.

On the other hand, eye-candy weather effects might prove more popular — if you find the artist who will draw them.
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