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when trains get stuck..

Posted: 05 Oct 2020 11:05
by Brask

so - while building and expanding on all things transportbusiness-related, sometimes a train(or the whole pack of trains on the trackline in question) gets stuck.

either between signals(yeeah..that might mess up the signals), or stuck in a track in front of the platform causing it to stall and display "waiting for free path" etc..

anywho - what i would like, is a feature actually telling me what the problem is:
- "the trainset is lost because of wrong signaling(would also LOVE a feature telling me what my signalingoptions are at the station that would solve the evaaah! :bow: )
- the trainset is lost because of invalid destinationlistings(also here, a feature saying i.e. "change to non-stoporders to solve the problem, to just pass by implicit staitons)
- the trainset has covid-19..`(one IV of cloroqine will solve it, and the train will be back at work in 10 days)

you get my drift?

i just rather build and enjoy, rather than having to troubleshoot every time a train has a seizure that i can't figure out..i mean - when I open a track i check over and see at least 7-8 turnovers at the trainstations to see if everything is going fine...and 5 mins later...frick! :evil:

any thoughts on this? am I WAY off the mark on this one? :oops: ?(

Re: when trains get stuck..

Posted: 05 Oct 2020 12:19
by mak
Be extra careful or enjoy problem solving :shock:

p.s. when I have a prolem I enjoy the solving 8)

Re: when trains get stuck..

Posted: 05 Oct 2020 14:11
by odisseus
I don't think it's possible to automatically determine the reason behind a train getting lost, stuck, or not finding a path. I believe it's the same kind of task as determining whether a computer program will get stuck in an infinite loop — a human can usually do it with enough effort, but a computer cannot do it no matter the resources.

However, there are a few steps you can take to avoid pathfinder problems most of the time:
  • Learn a few simple station designs (such as ro-ro and terminus), and stick to them. When you're trying out a new design, be sure to check it for problems every now and then.
  • Ditto for junctions. But be careful when copying examples from the wiki — most of them have redundant signals in some places, which may lead to jamming when the junction is used by a lot of trains.
  • If you don't want the trains to reverse direction if stuck in a queue, you can disable this behaviour.
  • Disable the disasters. This is absolutely required if you want to leave your game unattended for a long time, because large UFOs destroy tracks.
  • Configure your settings to issue non-stop orders by default. Without this setting, a train will visit every station it can reach in no particular order. This is going to confuse both yourself and the pathfinder.
  • Make sure your trains are serviced often enough or disable the breakdowns altogether. While a train that has its reliability dropped to zero is technically neither lost nor stuck, it can block the track for a very, very long time.
Hope this helps.

Re: when trains get stuck..

Posted: 05 Oct 2020 17:30
by Brask
mak wrote: 05 Oct 2020 12:19 Be extra careful or enjoy problem solving :shock:

p.s. when I have a prolem I enjoy the solving 8)
hahaha! i KIND OF enjoy it, but not ingame in this one, more like fixing my tv when the screen goes black, that's fun ;) - seems i have to get my sh*t togheter and be extra careful onwards ;)