Station/Object NewGRF Organisation In Game

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Station/Object NewGRF Organisation In Game

Post by JohnFister »

After recently using lots of different NewGrfs, it became a real chore to navigate so many different objects/stations.
Having collapsable folder system (similar to the vehicle group system) or header creator to organise grfs in game woud be really helpful.
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Re: Station/Object NewGRF Organisation In Game

Post by GarryG »

Great idea if it can be done.

Worse part is only allowed 255 objects or stations in a file. So when full we start another file then all gets confused as find some similar parts in different locations.

Probably one way is when we have to make another file that anything in new file same as previous that we arrange so they all go in some location.

I should have done that with my AuzObjectAddOns and AuzWaterAddOns.

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