Resizing fonts (OpenTT)

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Resizing fonts (OpenTT)

Post by Oletimer2018 »

Can you please make it easier to resize the fonts. I'm 70-odd and had this game on my old 386 machine when it first came out .
I love it but, with eyes that are past their sell by date, I need a magnifying glass to read the in game fonts.
I was helped by a couple of nice forumites but the process is beyond my old grey matter.
Thank you in advance.
George Berrill

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Re: Resizing fonts (OpenTT)

Post by odisseus »

If the fonts and buttons are too small for you, then all other controllable elements (stations, vehicles etc.) are probably too small as well. The easiest solution to this problem is scaling up the entire application window.

There are various screen scaling programs for different operating systems; AFAIK recent versions of Windows include a primitive one called Magnifier. If you have poor eyesight, an application of this kind would be useful to you in general.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Resizing fonts (OpenTT)

Post by Chrill »

Hi George!

In the Game Options (the cogwheel once you're in a game), you can change both the size of the font and the size of the interface. These should help you a lot! :)
The settings
The settings
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