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Custom Airports

Posted: 24 Jul 2020 13:02
by skylokobe
Can we please get Custom Airports in the Game For Like Bigger Cities And Stuff

Re: Custom Airports

Posted: 25 Jul 2020 10:52
by jfs
Many of us do, but it's a surprisingly difficult problem to solve. The thing with airports is that you want to prevent deadlocks, where several aircraft are blocking each other, and none of them can move. Making sure an airport layout is valid and can't cause deadlocks requires a bunch of analysis and possibly constructing mathematical proofs. The existing airport layouts have had quite a lot of analysis behind them.

I do have some ideas about how it might be possible to add modular airports to the game, with various rules checking the layout before you will be allowed to open the airport, but part of the challenge is also making sure the old airports can work within the new system.