Full load any cargo... but don't wait too much!

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Full load any cargo... but don't wait too much!

Post by MagicBuzz »


Currently, we have two way for waiting at a station for loading.
1/ Use the "full load (any) cargo" feature, so the vehicle will wait until all slots of a certain cargo are full, then leave the station
2/ Use the wait time of the timetable, so the train will way for a number or days/ticks, then leave only after this time, watever it is full of empty

I suggest a third option : full load (any) cargo but leave after a certain time.
By this way, stations that produce less for a period (by exemple with some NewGRF farms produce less during winter, or some industry change there "production level", etc.) won't be overflooded by vehicles that wait for months (method 1), but the vehicles won't wait for nothing when there is a lot of cargo wating (solution 2).
-> As soon as they are full, they would leave, but if it takes too much time to full load the vehicle, they will leave anyway.

How about it?
I could try writing a patch for this, but I'm not fluent with the GUI things... and it requiers the user to set the maximum waiting time somewhere...

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Re: Full load any cargo... but don't wait too much!

Post by Boukev »

I do this with a conditional order jump.

1) First is a normal load if available.
2) conditional order jump to 4) when above load percentage x (I usually have 50% or something)
3) Load for 25s or something that is my maximum time allowed for this station
4) next destination.

Works like a charm. But you do have to check if near end-far end - middle Station stop locations are okay.
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Re: Full load any cargo... but don't wait too much!

Post by Eddi »

for a long time i wanted a change to conditional orders, so that when a train leaves, it processes all the order changes, and only leave if the new station is not the same as the current one
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