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Re: more ship types

Posted: 27 Sep 2020 23:07
by odisseus
Such ships are already available in NewGRFs. For example, redFISH provides a 4880 unit tanker, a 4560 unit bulk ship, and a 1000 passenger ferry. All three have maximum speeds about 45 km/h.

Re: more ship types

Posted: 09 Oct 2020 22:07
by CazadorSirenas
Hum... reading through this thread I really mean no offense to anyone, but what does it matter if a boat is realistic or not? :|

As I tend to explain in my comments, I'm a boat lover and I usually base the roots of my games in water traffic, as much as possible. I certainly don't expect a boat of 300km/h, but I agree with the original poster about how great it would be to have a third-stage improvement on the boats, like the trains and road vehicles have. Talking about realism? Please, there are already planes in the game looking more alien that anything, almost like spaceships, and I don't see anyone complaining about how unrealistic they look.

NewGRF are nice, of course, but having something like that in the main game would be awesome too!