Signals in Stations

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Signals in Stations

Post by GuideRail »

I asked about this in some other place in the forum, whether it would be possible that is.

Apparently it is, and I would make a patch that can do it but I have no idea how to code and don't know where to start.

The idea is, to make it possible to place a signal on a section of track already occupied by a station platform. This is to allow better headways as a train waiting to enter the station can enter before the previous one has left (because of the signals). As much as this isn't particularly significant, it would be really cool to see as some railways around the world allow this to happen in order to speed up headways.

The biggest problem would be how the trains know if they are in the station properly or not, as their path finding isn't prepared for this; however I would imagine it can't be that hard to make this work properly as trains can already determine how long a platform is, (so they know where to stop) so it could just be changed so that if the train doesn't have clearance all the way into the platform, it would just stop behind the signal that is holding it up and wait until it does have clearance.

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Re: Signals in Stations

Post by Eddi »

i don't think this will be possible, but generally you need two things:
  1. Free map bits in station tiles, that can store the signal type you want to build (that'll be 4 bits)
  2. altering the tile reservation that currently reserves the complete platform, to only reserve the section of the platform up to that signal, while still maintaing the concept of the full platform for deciding the load/unload position.
both of these are fairly non-trivial, and probably not suitible for a beginner
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