I've got some ideas for an Upgrade-Kit.

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Monsiour Rabot
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I've got some ideas for an Upgrade-Kit.

Post by Monsiour Rabot »

Hello everyone!

I've got some ideas for an Upgrade-Kit.

Would anyone make a HQ-Building which can rise to a Heliport with own Post and Passenger In- and Exit.

The second idea is: If a Station has many Passengers, it upgrades to an better station which exits more by same traffic. Or build by her own a second one. >Or both.


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Re: I've got some ideas for an Upgrade-Kit.

Post by odisseus »

The maximum amount of cargo a station can collect (assuming perfect rating and no competing stations) is the total amount produced by industries that are covered by its catchment area. This also applies to passengers, except the "industries" that produce them are the city buildings.

This is one of the core principles of the game mechanics, and I doubt that it will ever be changed. If you want your station to collect more passengers, make the city grow around it.

However, there are also actual industries that produce passengers (oil rigs in the original game, and more types can be added by GRFs). The output of these industries depends on how well they are serviced, and can be increased the usual way.

The headquarters with a built-in heliport would look nice, but would add very little to the game mechanics. You can just build a heliport next to a headquarters, and get the same effect.

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