Show existing stations' coverage areas

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Show existing stations' coverage areas

Post by yodasws »

In my recent games I have switched the town layout to a 3×3 grid and started laying out my bus/tram stations to be every two blocks. However, this does lead to a large number of stations in a growing large city. In my current game I've started merging stations together with the Ctrl+click method of expanding disconnected stations.

The problem now is keeping track of which loading bays belong to which stations. It's easy to have the loading bays of different stations intermixed and thus two or more stations end up covering much of the same area.

I would like to request the following two features:
  1. Toggle on the station info box to highlight in the viewport which tiles have stations/docks/bays so I can easily find them to edit/remove/upgrade.
  2. A map overlay in the viewport to see the coverage area of my stations. I envision either:
    • semitransparent color overlay, using four or more colors, no two stations with coverage areas that touch being the same color.
    • Or lines (probably with different colors for each station) showing the boundary of each station's coverage area.
See also GitHub Issue 6888

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Re: Show existing stations' coverage areas

Post by acs121 »

Try JGR's patchpack, it contains a patch with visible acceptation/etc zones.

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