Industries and Town buildings as areas

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Industries and Town buildings as areas

Post by Gonozal_VIII » 12 Jan 2008 22:17


Industries and town buildings are replaced by areas;
Every area has the size of one tile;
Areas represent a large area of populated land, not a single building or industry;
Sprites however still show a single building to represent the type and population of the area;
Populated areas only spawn next to a road like town buildings do now;
There are starting points for area growth with a town name above like it is now;
Each area has a limited capacity to accept cargo/passengers (stockpile);
Areas can be either residential, industrial or commercial;
//Next lines use Georges ECS cargos as example
Residential areas accept and generate passengers, mail and tourists;
Residential areas also accept food and one of the following at random: (fruit | fish);
Commercial areas accept and generate passengers and tourists;
Commercial areas also accept goods and one of the following at random: (valuables | gasoline | bricks and cement);
Industrial areas accept passengers and three to five of the processable cargos at random;
Industrial areas generate passengers, processed cargos based on their acceptance and none to three raw materials at random;
Processed cargos are only generated if the right processable cargos are in the stockpile;
The random accepted/generated cargo types are calculated when the area is spawned and do not change during its lifetime;
Every area has a changing population within a given minimum and maximum (e.g. 00=100, FF=25600 in steps of 100);
Cargo/passenger generation and stockpile size is based on the population;
The sum of the area populations is the town population;
Population decreases three steps towards the minimum every 256 ticks if the stockpile is empty;
Population doesn't change if the area has something in its stockpile but not everything;
Population increases one step if there are units of everything the area needs in its stockpile and the population is below maximum;
Areas with minimum population have have a small chance to disappear unless it is the last area in the town;
Areas with maximum population are likely to spawn minimum population areas of same type on empty tiles in their surroundings;
Areas with minimum population can be changed to a different type (e. g. from residential to industrial) by neighbouring maximum population tiles;

If you supply a type of area in a part of a town but not the others, it will expand and slowly replace the other areas which leads to clusters of same area type next to each other like industrial or commercial districts in real cities.
Lots of small sources with low output and destinations with small stockpile sizes increase the usefulness of trucks, hubs and milk runs.
I think most of it could be done with a newgrf but i'm not good at that.
Discussion please.

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Re: Industries and Town buildings as areas

Post by vinaximus » 23 Mar 2011 13:05

firstly, sorry it this has been posted. I searched and found this topic appropriate to extend, rather than creating a new topic . But still it is much of a suggestion
One thing about town growth for desert and snow is that "at least 1t of unit of certain good per month must be delivered for the town to grow rapidly".
Wouldn't it be nice to have an option of stockpiling

Each Town stores the goods and food delivered to it.
Each Town has a calculated units of demand per month, for each goods.
The demanded amount could be based on direct proportion to its population, to simplify things, or it could be calculated based on types of buildings it has.
At the end of each month the demanded amount is deducted.
Under this scenario, the town grows (in its existing way) as long as its storage is not empty.
To make things more difficult, a town doesn't grow or decreases if its monthly demand is not fullfilled.

Current problem:
Each town in desert and snow needs feeder service (deliver atleast 1 unit per month) in order to allow towns to grow. It might sound interesting in the begining but becomes monotonous if you have to do it with many towns.

This is only a basic idea, but it can be expanded.
Good day building rails

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Re: Industries and Town buildings as areas

Post by planetmaker » 23 Mar 2011 13:22

The main problem is that towns are so far not subject to newgrf control which would, if implemented, allow different ideas realized via newgrfs. Some ideas to that end have been collected some time ago:

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Re: Industries and Town buildings as areas

Post by vinaximus » 23 Mar 2011 16:31

But is it possible to add this functionality in the game itself. Like

Option A:
use the default method for town growth
Option B:
use The stock pile method for town growth
Option C:
/*For future use, the new grf controlled method*/
I don't know how difficult it would be to code
Good day building rails

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