Being able to make larger roads

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Being able to make larger roads

Post by justaplayer »

If i look at a normal openttd road we see two lanes which is pretty normal but if we have a case like this:(the first image)

its a bit of a problem and it would be good if we could use the sidewalks as lanes. I mean its a good idea to add a new roadtype which doesen't allow stops and can be only built by the player with two extra lanes and if the road goes into a two lane roadthe vehicles can merge. and heres the second image of a road which is doubled now:

(The idea is make a more compact road)
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Re: Being able to make larger roads

Post by Eddi »

let me chime in with the most obvious issues standing in the way here:
  1. the most important point, aside of all the technical issues: "more lanes" doesn't usually solve any traffic problems. you're just shoving more vehicles into a location that already has too many vehicles.
  2. the pathfinder and road movement code is currently not able to distribute vehicles across multiple lanes very well. you can already see this ingame with the one-way roads
  3. all the potential lane configurations must have graphics, which would invalidate both all the new and old roadtype grfs
  4. all the potential lane configurations must be stored in the map, which is already stuffed full with data.
  5. you need individual movement patterns for moving between lanes, turning on a crossing, etc. *cough*statemachines*cough*
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Re: Being able to make larger roads

Post by odisseus »

There is a very real benefit in having more road lanes in the same space, just as with having more train tracks. However, the other issues you mentioned do indeed make this very unlikely to happen.
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