Transfer credit issue

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Transfer credit issue

Post by as1 »

Has something changed in the transfer payment process in 1.11? I have the following situation:

Station A, B and C all have coal stations next to them
Station D is the power station.
My setup is as follows:

A bus picks up coal at station A and transfer it to station B.
A train picks up from station B and transfers to station C
A boat picks up from station C and delivers to station D.

Often when the train arrives at station C the graphic which floats up from the train shows, for example, £4000. However it doesn't look the amount is always added to the bank balance.

I'm not sure if a) It's my error b) Something changed in the payment system c) I found a bug. I realise it's very unlikely it's a bug as this is the release version.

I can't attached a save as it's over the 25MB forum limit.
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Re: Transfer credit issue

Post by jfs »

Transfer credits are smoke and mirrors to make it look like vehicles that transfer but don't deliver cargo have an economic value to the company.
I'm writing this as if there are three coal mines, one at each of stations A, B and C. If there is only a coal mine at A, then ignore everything about cargo from B and C, and pretend only the cargo from A is there.

In your situation, the ship makes the actual delivery at D to the industry that accepts the cargo, so the only time your company has income from any deliveries made in your transfer chain is when the ships drop off coal at D.

For the actual income to the company, it's calculated from the cargo originating from A, B and C separately.
The cargo from A is paid as if it had been transported directly from A to D (the Manhattan distance from A to D), taking as long time as it spent on board vehicles in total.
Similarly, the cargo from B is paid as if it had been transported directly from B to D in the time it spent on board vehicles in total.
The cargo from C is paid in the simple manner you would expect.
Those three figured are added and that's your company's income on the final delivery.

The road vehicle that moves the coal from A to B does not have any real income, but it gets transfer credit as if it had delivered the coal the distance from A to B in the time it took. This transfer credit is adjusted down by an amount that can be configured, the default is that transfers get 75% credit. The coal that was dropped off to transfer at B remembers how much credit was given to the road vehicle.
When the train picks up that coal and drops it off at C, the train gets transfer credit for the transport from A to C directlty, over the time of A-to-B plus B-to-C, minus the transfer credit given to the road vehicle.
The final delivery from C to D is credited as a delivery directly from A to D, in the time of A-to-B plus B-to-C plus C-to-D, minus the transfer credits given to the previous legs. That is the figure you will see float up on the delivery to D, but that's not the figure paid to your company.

The feeder transfer credits algorithm was changed in 1.10, but not in 1.11.
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