Need help with signals

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Need help with signals

Post by binerf »


I've just started to play with OpenTTD (v.1.9.3 - Ubuntu) but I'm still discovering signals on trains tracks.

Please have a look at the picture.

I don't understand with the signal in red round remains red while train waiting at this signal is going to upward.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Need help with signals

Post by Pyoro »

There's two types of signals: block signals and path-based signals.

With path-based signals (PBS) that signal would indeed show green. But it means that all signals at a crossing need to be path-based.
With block-based signals no train can be with a "block" within the signals. The waiting train is (because of the crossings) in the same block as the other one would be if it crossed the signal, so it's red.

Handy picture:

More information:
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