difrentes train tracks

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difrentes train tracks

Post by christellehahn »

When and to use the service difrentes train tracks?

My question points if a rule or logic railway used when there are different models in a same set
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Re: difrentes train tracks

Post by kamnet »

If you are playing the game without any add-ons (NewGRFs) and haven't turned on the setting "Vehicles never expire", then over time the availability of certain types of trains on certain tracks become limited and eventually disappear completely, which will force you to upgrade and convert your tracks over and replace trains with new types. There's no rule that says you need to do anything, though. If you want to spend 120 game years playing with the only set of steam engines you ever purchased, you can do that. The downside is that as trains get older they become less reliable (unless you disabled the ability of trains to break down), to the point where sometimes they can't even travel a few tiles before breaking down.

If you changed game settings, or if you use different train sets, then none of this may apply, it entirely depends on what settings you changed and what train sets you used.
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