the biggest maps does not work in multiplayer

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the biggest maps does not work in multiplayer

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i have tested the 4096 size both with double 4096 and with 4096 and 2048 and every time it takes too long to connect causing the client to get dropped. it does however work with double 2048 and anything lower. i have even tried it with 2 instances of the game running on the same pc. the thing is that it gets in eventually but, then it have gone beyond the deadline and gets dropped. dropping the deadline would really help.

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Re: the biggest maps does not work in multiplayer

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Depending on your connection, you may get this if you cannot download the map fast enough, or the server is unable to provide it fast enough to start with.
Worry not, there are settings in the config you can edit to help with this, and increase the time you have to download it, see here; ... ix_that.3F
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